In Competition

TetraBOOST ‘E’ Guard 15 in competition

More power, more torque, better-controlled burn characteristics

Since the year 2000, TetraBOOST has developed an excellent reputation in competition. Not only amongst the vintage and classic car racing fraternity, whose engines depend on leaded fuel, but also amongst competitors who use the product purely to boost the octane of the available fuel at race circuits. During those years, TetraBOOST has been used in numerous different makes of car, on circuits and in hill climbs, where we have helped achieve a number of FTDs and personal bests.

Advantages of TetraBOOST over other race fuel mixes

Customer dyno tests show improved torque figures typically 3-4%. Improved BHP typically 2-3%. Slightly cooler running. These tests showed that TetraBOOST gives meaningful improvements in torque and BHP over other race mixes and pre-prepared race fuels, including back to back tests with unleaded/AVGAS mixes.

Drivers report increased smoothness of engines, and better and cleaner pickup in the gears – especially out of slow corners. Most customers show an improvement in lap times with TetraBOOST. Many hillclimbers are reporting personal bests on our additive.

TetraBOOST can be mixed to conform to MSA regulations – (section P) BS4040 leaded fuel – giving a lead content from 50mg to 150mg per litre. We are now the chosen fuel additive in everything from blown A7s to 8C Alfas, 250Fs to V16 BRMs and most ’50s, ’60s and ’70s classics. Please note that many competitors running on methanol are now mixing in TetraBOOST as a valve lubricant.

This year customer cars have lead the Historic Clubmans’ championship and the Classic Rally Championship. Race engines entrusted to TetraBOOST include numerous vintage race engines, from Bentley to 8c Alfas through to Aston Martins and Ferraris. In historic F1, F2 and F3, we supply additive for Cooper Climax Cosworth DFVs up to V16 BRMs. Numerous classic sports car marques and classic saloons from Ferraris, Astons and Healeys, to Mustangs and Chevrolets. From Clubmans engines to BDAs and BDGs, and on through to Historic F1.

TetraBOOST fuelled cars have won Classic Le Mans, Class winners Classic Rally Championships and Lap record holders in Classic Clubmans and Aston Martin Championships.

We supply leading museums and acknowledged marque experts from Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Hispano Suiza, Maserati, Porsche and more.

We supply TetraBOOST to many of the leading restorers, engine and race preparation specialists, acknowledged marque experts and National Motor Museums, well known to the vintage, classic and historic fraternity.

For high compression engines it can make 5 star 100 octane and on up to 106 octane if needed. Of passing interest, it has been reported that TetraBOOST gives added economy, with one client reporting that his Ferrari BB512 regularly returns 15mpg on TetraBOOST, rather than the 12mpg previously seen. Out of season, our new improved TetraBOOST ‘E’ Guard 15 helps to protect against internal corrosion, acid formation due to ethanol water absorption and acid formation during periods of storage and unlike certain substitutes, it will not cause bore rusting or separate out during periods of inactivity. Overall TetraBOOST gives all the traditional advantages of genuine, high-octane race fuel at a considerably lower cost.

TetraBOOST is now being used in almost all classes of racing, hill climb and rallying where fuel choice is free, or where approved additives are permitted.

TetraBOOST ‘E’ Guard 15 recommends Shell V Power for race use.

For all cars fitted with foam filled tanks, please ensure that TetraBOOST and the base fuel are mixed in a churn or jerry can prior to filling the tank.