Dosage Instructions

Important Guidelines:

  • Do not mix with any other additive – run tank down first, if other additives have been used
  • Do not mix with LRP or Diesel
  • Do not use in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters
  • Remember that TetraBOOST is a genuine lead additive and not a substitute
  • TetraBOOST may be mixed at any time with Bayford Thrust leaded 4 star fuel
  • For competition cars with foam filled tanks or collapsible bag tanks, you must pre-mix TetraBOOST with the base fuel in a separate container and agitate to ensure a uniform mixture

The dosage is not precisely critical since any overdose will simply marginally increase the octane rating. Equally, underdosing will slightly reduce the octane rating. For the proper lead protection of valves, stems and guides, never dose below a 2-point octane increase (110:1).

Although it is possible to obtain an increase of up to 8 octane points by raising the dose level of TetraBOOST as shown below, increases above 3 points may exceed the legal tetraethyl lead limit for road fuel. 99 or 100 octane (4 star plus) is sufficient for most road cars. For competition use, higher octane ratings can be achieved. A comprehensive dose chart is shown below.

To each 100ml of TetraBOOST, add:
Quantity of Fuel Mixture Result Octane Boost Mix Ratio
11.5 litres Unleaded (95) 4-star, 97 Octane 2 points 110:1
11.5 litres Shell V-Power (99) 5-star, 101 Octane 2 points 110:1
6.5 litres Shell V-Power (99) 5-star +, 102 Octane 3 points 66:1
3.3 litres Shell V-Power (99) Racing ++, 103 Octane 4 points 33:1
2.5 litres Shell V-Power (99) Racing +++, 104 Octane 5 points 25:1
2 litres Shell V-Power (99) Racing ++++, 105 Octane 6 points 20:1
1 litre Shell V-Power (99) Racing +++++, 106 Octane 7 points 10:1

Note that BP Ultimate and Esso Supreme are both rated at 97 octane. In Europe most garages stock 98 octane unleaded, which is better than most UK fuels.

TetraBOOST recommends Shell V-Power for all high performance cars and for race use.

Some of these dosages may exceed legal levels of TEL for road use.