Product Information

TetraBOOST is not a substitute but is the only additive that makes real leaded fuel from the unleaded pump. It has now come to be recognised as the de-facto standard for fuel additives and is specified by National Motor Museums in the UK, France and The Netherlands, acknowledged marque experts, restoration companies, engine builders and vintage and classic race teams. Indeed most of the most famous and irreplaceable vintage and classic cars and bikes now run and race on TetraBOOST additive.

Suitable for all road and track applications, TetraBOOST provides all the benefits of BS4040 (or greater) leaded pump fuel, without the extra cost and inconvenience of finding the diminishing number of garages that still stock leaded pump fuel or resorting to race fuel. Even in cars fitted with hardened valve seats, TetraBOOST improves performance and reduces valve stem and guide wear. It slows fuel-burn rate – giving improved combustion, improves throttle response and gives smoother pick-up and cooler running. When mixed with higher octane unleaded fuel, such as Shell V-Power, TetraBOOST can easily exceed BS4040 standards, with its unique ability to make 5 star 100 octane or much higher levels of fuel. Up to 106 octane fuel can be made if required.

It is not a substitute

TetraBOOST contains real Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) and does not contain any substitute. The performance and protective qualities of Tetraethyl Lead vastly exceed that of the various lead substitutes based on phosphorous, manganese, sodium and potassium. Only TetraBOOST gives the enthusiast the ability to make genuine leaded fuel, which has been vital in the prevention of knock and valve seat recession for the past 70 years.

What’s in TetraBOOST?

TetraBOOST is a solution of tetraethyl lead in aromatic hydrocarbons, which together with the necessary chemical “scrubbers” makes genuine 4 and 5 star petrol, with higher octanes approaching AVGAS levels available if required. Remember that TetraBOOST is suitable for both road and race purposes. A measured dose of TetraBOOST is merely added to the tank, prior to filling up with premium or super unleaded pump fuel to the correct concentration.

TetraBOOST is the only truly effective answer for collectors and dealers alike. Low mileage vehicle use may not justify an expensive engine rebuild. It may not be possible to fit specially hardened valve seats, or as in the case of some vintage Bentleys, the new hardened valve seats have split the block due to differential expansion during warm up.

Our product is specifically formulated for older engines and enables you to tour, race or tow without fear of damage caused by inadequate valve seat protection, pre-ignition or low octane fuel. TetraBOOST also slows the burn rate of modern fuels to a level more suitable for older engines, resulting in easier starting, smoother and cooler running as well as giving greater economy – a fact reported to us by our clients.

Whilst TetraBOOST is a hazardous and flammable substance it is quite safe to use in accordance with the instructions. TetraBOOST is only available by mail order and is delivered directly to your door. It enables you to make 4 star leaded petrol from around 20p per litre over the unleaded pump price. TetraBOOST is completely legal and is sold with fuel taxes and duty paid.

Who else stocks TetraBOOST?

TetraBOOST is now available from a number of international distributors. These include Jersey, the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, France and Australia.

Please contact us on 0208-870 9933 or if you would like further information, or refer to our frequently asked questions.