How to order TetraBOOST

Product description

TetraBOOST is a solution of tetraethyl lead in aromatic hydrocarbons with the associated chemical scrubbers. Tetraethyl lead is the same substance used in conventional leaded petrol and aromatic hydrocarbons carry the solution, acting in part as an octane booster to bring unleaded petrol up to the required octane level.


TetraBOOST must be handled in accordance with the product information sheet enclosed with each order, as it is flammable and toxic. The product is safe to use if handled as instructed. TetraBOOST MUST be used in accordance with the instructions and may not be used with catalytic converters.


TetraBOOST is a genuine lead additive. TetraBOOST is sold with all taxes and duties paid.


Box of TetraBOOST £120.00
Mainland UK delivery per box £20.00
Total per delivered box £140.00


As TetraBOOST no longer accepts cheques, please email tetraboost@aol.com for non urgent orders, or when sending any written correspondence. For urgent matters, maximum convenience and speed of delivery, please call +44 (0)208 870 9933 to speak directly to Nik Cookson or to leave your order and card details for Nik on our secure order line (this is also Nik's personal home phone line which follows him virtually everywhere he goes, from Surrey to Devon to his cottage in France). When phoning, please make sure you leave Nik your full daytime address AND your phone number which will help to ensure that we and TNT have no trouble in delivering your order. If you have any concerns, please call Nik on his mobile, which is +44 (0) 7831 280 333.