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TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15

TetraBOOST was launched in 2000 and has been the UK's best and most effective fuel additive ever since. In 2012, we launched TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15, which has met with increasing success, to the extent that both Millers and Castrol have followed our lead in adding anti ethanol formulations to their NON LEAD substitutes.

Still perfect for both road and race use, TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15 not only enables customers to mix genuine leaded 4 or 5 star fuel as before (TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15 is MSA accepted), but TetraBOOST now contains anti-acid formulations designed to minimise the problems associated with ethanol water absorbtion and acid formulation - unbeatable both for regular driving use and over-wintering situations. Currently in the UK, we have E5 (5% ethanol) with E10 on the Continent. E10 is expected universally in the UK later in 2015, with E15 threatened for the Continent in 2015 as well.

TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15 offers engine protection for up to 15% ethanol content (E15). Remember when using TetraBOOST there is no need to buy a separate anti-ethanol preparation. It comes all together in 'E' Guard 15. It is worth remembering that for those that love their leaded that TetraBOOST is now responsible for virtually all the leaded petrol used in the UK and for racing and touring in Europe.

A box of TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15 additive makes 700 litres of octane boosted leaded fuel with built-in ethanol protection. Assuming 30mpg that's around 4000 miles of motoring for £120 plus £20.00 delivery to your door, almost anywhere on the UK mainland. So ensure that you accept no substitutes or compromises – order new TetraBOOST 'E' Guard 15 - still the worlds' finest fuel additive.

Exclusive Distributors Urgently Required!

TetraBOOST is looking to appoint representatives to act as exclusive distributors for more countries. We particularly need distributors for Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity, please call Nik Cookson on +44 (0)20 8870 9933.

Analysed and approved by the FBHVC, TetraBOOST is a unique tetraethyl lead additive and octane booster. Our press release says it all.

TetraBOOST is not a substitute, but is the only additive that makes real leaded fuel from the unleaded pump. It has now come to be recognised as the de-facto standard for fuel additives and is specified by National Motor Museums in the UK, France and The Netherlands, acknowledged marque experts, restoration companies, engine builders and vintage and classic race teams. Indeed most of the most famous and irreplacable vintage and classic cars and bikes now run and race on TetraBOOST additive.

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